Healing Tips For Wisdom Tooth Removal

Many of us dread the thought of getting sick. But we don’t really dread the idea of visiting the doctors. That is because we always know that we are getting some much-needed help. But there is one clinic that we would absolutely hate visiting. This would be the dental clinic. That is because when we visit this establishment we know that our future would be filled with pain. Thus, due to this reason, we understand that you would dread the thought of wisdom tooth removal. However, this is something that you, unfortunately, cannot avoid. Therefore we would advise you to prepare for this procedure ahead of time.


Your dentist Berwick would definitely warn you to expect some swelling after the procedure. Therefore don’t be alarmed at the site of chipmunk looking cheeks. But we understand that this swelling can cause you some discomfort. But remember you don’t have to withstand this pain. Instead, you can easily numb your cheeks by applying ice packs to the outside of your mouth. Therefore make sure to stock up on ice packs before you go for the procedure. This way you don’t have to live in pain even after the procedure.

Expect Some Bleeding

The extraction of wisdom teeth is just like any other surgical procedure. Therefore you should expect some bleeding upon the completion of the surgery. Thus, that is why your doctor would place gauze over the surgical site. We know that many of you think that it is not necessary to keep these pads in their mouth. Thus, that is why they remove them as soon as the procedure is completed. But you need to keep them in place for at least 30 minutes post surgery. This would help in soaking up all the blood. Visit this link https://www.lakesidedentalsurgery.com/wisdom_teeth.html for more info on wisdom teeth Berwick.

Stick With Soft Food

When your wisdom teeth start to give you trouble we know that you can’t eat much. That is because you would be in too much pain. Thus, due to this reason, many individuals tend to stick to a liquid diet. But they think that they can eat solid food soon after the surgery. But this fact, unfortunately, is a misconception. Instead, you would have to stick with soft food for a couple of days. Ideally, during the first day, you should continue to stick with liquids. But thereafter you can move on to soft food. This can include anything from yoghurt to pudding.This is not a procedure that you need to be worried about. That is because countless individuals undergo it every day.

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