5 Things That You Are Doing That Could Cause Wrinkles Before Time

As a woman one of the worst things you would ever want to see when you stand in front of the mirror is a saggy face with wrinkles everywhere. While, it is rather unavoidable with old age, some people get them even before, because of certain things that they are doing unconsciously. So here are some of them that you need to know about.

Being in the sun for too long

While it is recommended to stay out in the morning sun to soak up some natural vitamin D, staying too long in it as it reaches higher in the sky and becomes hotter, it not something that is good for your skin. Not only does it result in sunburns, but it also causes your skin to lose its elasticity and end up sagging. So, to protect your skin and avoid wrinkle injections make sure you wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. Visit this link http://www.newcastlecosmeticdoctor.com.au/services/anti-wrinkle-treatments/ for more info on wrinkle injections Newcastle.

The lack of sleep

Another cause for premature wrinkles is the lack of sleep. There is obviously a reason why the recommended hours of sleep are 6-8, when you are a sleep the greatest number of toxins are flushed out causing your skill cells to remain hydrated and rejuvenated. However, when there is a lack of sleep, the pH levels of the skin are altered causing it to be more prone to these crinkles. So, avoid them by sleeping well and not on spending thousands on a facial laser treatment Newcastle.

Stressing out

Stressing over anything too much is generally not something that is advised. It not only lowers your mentality but also your overall wellbeing as well. What you didn’t know though is that it could even affect your skin causing crinkles to form before time. the reason is because stress causes the level of cortisol in your body to increase and this results in the skin losing its ability to maintain moisture. In addition to that, the level of blood sugar increasing also acts as a cause that results in the skin losing its elasticity.

Squinting too much

If you are rejecting glasses even though you cannot see or you are post ponding replacing your old lenses with new ones, know that it is only affecting your eye sight but also causing wrinkles in your face. When you are unable to see clearly it is only natural that you would squint, and by squinting too much you are putting stress on your muscles causing them to become deeper in time. So if you want to avoid this, make sure you get lenses if you cannot see or replace your old ones if needed. Consider the above tips and avoid premature wrinkles forming on your face!

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